The Torwelten Universe

Welcome to the universe of Torwelten.

In this section you will learn about the factions and species participating in the galactic game. You may also explore the countless star systems and worlds with all their mysteries, stories and rumors.
Experience what traveling to the stars really means, maybe even aboard of a well-known famous or even legendary star ship. How does it feel to live, for weeks on end, in the cramped confines of a vessel. To get along with your crew mates, breathing the same recycled air over and over again, deadly radiation and the cold unforgiving emptiness of space just inches away at any given time.

Feel the thrill, when your freighter passes through the needles eye that is a stargate - a target less than a mile wide - at a quarter the speed of light. The excitment when you go spelunking into the forboding depths of ruins, belonging to one of those long extinct civilisations of the Ancient Empire. Anyway there's an immeasureable number of interesting places to visit in the galaxy.

And besides the awesome unknown, there are a lot well known things in the universe. Fashion, culture, cuisine, and lifestyle are covered here.

Are you curious about the important personalities everybody talks about, or who really pulls the strings behind the curtains?
Or are you more interested in the incredible technological advancements allowing the major species to leave the confines of their homeworlds behind and travel to the stars.
Maybe you want to learn more about the history of the known universe?

Do you consider joining the ranks of the "Imperia Sciencia Socio de la Esploro de la Spaco" - the imperial scientific society? Or do you want to work for one of the other larger and smaller organisations , influencing the ebbs and tides of the Hyperion sector.
Or maybe the idea of becoming a free merchant tempts you, risking your wealth and health for the chance of even greater gains in the remote corners of the galaxy.

Of course a traveler amongst the stars needs something to wear and a weapon to fight. We provide descriptions, prices and more information on items, gear, services and other equipment that might be useful for your endeavors.

If you want to know about the technical aspects and game rules - here's a link to the game rules.

Maybe you are the Storyteller of your group? Then you might be interested in the secrets and mysteries of the Torwelten universe, you can find here alongside a whole host of practical tips and tricks to run your game.

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