Torwelten is created as a storytelling game. Thus the game rules are designed with the goal, to bring as less friction to the game flow as possible. They are only meant create an element of surprise and to connect a character concept with the world by giving it the neccessary values.

Combat rules are based on a quick and simple tabletop-wargame set of rules. Thus the Torwelten rules can be played as a regular role playing game - but they can also be used with figurines, terrain and rulers, if you want.

As any system of rules is only an abstract model, you will naturally encounter gaps. Not every possible situation is covered by the Torwelten rules - nor was it meant to be. You won't find breaking-thresholds for drinking glasses, or the influene of your clothings colors on an attack roll.

Torwelten was also written with the storyteller as the main focus point of all rules-related questions. He or she rules if the game rules are ambigous on a certain situation - which they will be. He or she also has the power and responsibility to adjust the rules whenever neccessary to keep the game entertaining and challenging.

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